10 reasons to chose denmark fishing lodge - customers and guest feedbacks

1- A unique accommodation:

Denmark Fishing Lodge is not a bed&breakfast, not a hotel, not a summerhouse: but a real Fishing Lodge. The people behind the Lodge project have a long experience in the fishing business and dedicated years in order to plan and create this accommodation that saw the light in 2013/2014.

“Denmark Fishing Lodge have unique features that distinguish it and make the best place to stay for any angler in Fyn.”

“Had a great time! I highly recommend the accommodations. The meals were fantastic! The guide service is definitely a must if you’re new to the area. Omar and crew definitely know what they are doing.”
Sean Hays, USA, feedback from our Facebook page

“Awesome… Simply Awesome… Every Fisherman´s Dream. I cant wait to go back in the Fall!”
Stephan Nielsen, Sweden (sporting.se),  feedback from our Facebook page

2 – Our advantageous rates:

You’ve had a look at our rates? If not, do it now! Can you believe that?
We chosed to create a 100% real fishing Lodge but by keeping the price very affordable for everyone: because everyone must have the opportunity to stay in a real Lodge!
It’s almost impossible to get the same treatment in Denmark for this price: for only 89 € (670 dkk) per day, you get a room like in a real country hotel, good food like being in a restaurant in Italy, and a nice fishing atmosphere.

“I have been to Denmark for more than 15 years for sea trout fishing, every year, by renting a summerhouse. Since I have been at the Lodge, first time in 2014, I now book there my holiday every year. In a summerhouse I had to buy food, spend time in preparing my meals, pay the electricity, the water and the final cleaning, and self take care of the bed sheets. A lot of work during a holiday. In addiction I have made a calculation: staying at the Lodge costs me at the end only few euro extra per day if I compare it to stay in a decent summerhouse…but here I can enjoy a perfect fishing atmosphere, I can meet new friends, I have unique fishing facilities, I don’t have to think about anything else than fishing…and the food at the restaurant…wow! I’ll never go back again.”
Mr. Ennio Cavalera, Belgium.

3 – The restaurant:

Our restaurant serves mainly homemade Italian dishes and some few Danish dishes too. Most of our guest leaves great feedbacks when it comes to our cuisine…and It makes us very happy and proud, because we know how important is a good dinner after a long, sometimes hard, day on the coast!

Magnificent place, super company !!!! fantastic food !!!!!!
Mr. Nicola Fresca, Italy, feedback from our Facebook page

“Great place with super service and delicious food…”
Keld Juul Michaelsen, Denmark, feedback from our Facebook page

4 – Our real priceless addiction:
our staff fishing experience at your disposal!

Whether it is your first fishing experience here, whether you come back here every year, it is possible that you are not sure about which spots are fishing better in the exactly moment you arrive. Why wasting your few fishing days by searching and drive around Fyn to find some fish?
We are on the water daily and we know more or less where it is “happening” every week! Just ask us!
This is one of the main reason why we have created this Lodge: to support our guest with good updated fishing informations. Something you will not get in any other accommodation here. We do this full time since years, and we will always be a more forward than anyone else when it comes to knowledge about sea trout fishing!
We cannot guarantee you fish catches, but at least we will suggest you the best during your days!

“One of the most hospital places i’ve been to, sat down and feldt like home the first day. Omar helped us when the fishing was tough”
Jonas Erikkson, Sweden, feedback from our Facebook page

5 – More time for fishing = more sea trouts!

By staying at our lodge, you don’t have to clean your room, prepare the bed, buy and prepare food. We do all this for you. You just have to think about fishing! We don’t want you to waste time during your few days off from work, we want you on the water all day! We are even a little flexible with the kitchen, for example if you plan to come back to the lodge later in the evening -as you want to stay longer on the coast- talk before with our staff, and let’s discuss a solution!

 6 – Unique fishing facilities

When it comes to fishing service and facilities, we have no compromises. The lodge is created and renovated firstly by thinking on the needs of anglers. Wading room with heated floor, fly tying area, fishing library…are just some of the facilities you will enjoy by staying at our Lodge, facilities that you cannot find in any other accommodation here.
Our guide service is certified, and can support any fly fishermen and spin fishermen, from beginners to experts.
When it comes to fishing products, we only cooperate with the best brands: the fishing gear that our guides uses is top quality.
Just to cite more, our “waders rental service” only proposes to our guest Simms Gore-Tex waders…could it be better than that?
If for some reasons you need to rent fishing gear or waders, or during your stay you need an extra rod or a new waders…don’t worry, we have it for  you.
Do you want to try sea trout fishing from a different prospective? You can rent an Outcast belly boat or a fishing kayak.

“Fished Funen in spring 2014. The fishing , our very first time seatrout fishing, was a great experience. We had our first seatrout within an hour after we started fishing with Omar as a guide. The lodge, the crew , the Italian food, Omar as a host and guide and the service was outstanding.”
Mr. Frank Dreef, Holland, feedback from our Facebook page

“Thanks to Omar and his team for an exceptional time .Great fishing, great food, very, very comfortable accommodation. Got my first pike plus 10 more. Absolutely one of my top two fishing destinations. I will be back .Thanks again all.”
Mr. Lionel Bridger, New Zealand, feedback from our Facebook page

7 – An intimate atmosphere, and new friends:

We always strongly remark that we are a “100% real fishing lodge” (we do not use the words “fishing lodge” without really being so, as everyone might do). But even if so, we are at the same time a relatively “small” accommodation. At the moment, we have place for not more than 12/14 sleeping guest. In fact, our priority is to make our guests in a intimate and friendly atmosphere where the privacy of each single person is fully respected. But at the same time, at our Lodge you will meet other pleasant guests from all Europe, sometimes even some from the USA or New Zealand. Evenings are pleasant moments spent into our Lodge fishing atmosphere, where it is possible to talk, and meet new fishing buddies.
We are located in Denmark, yes, but who knows us already, knows that we have international influences: our staff is Danish and Italian, and we have a little bit of “Italian hospitality” in us…that’s why we would love to welcome you with a smile!

“Since 2014 I have always spent a one week holiday once a year at the lodge. And it was always great and relaxing. What a beautyful spot. Thank you so much for that Omar and Valentina. See you next year.”
Mr. Dirk Schweiger, Germany, feedback from our Facebook page

“I came to the Lodge as i had no fishing buddies that was able to enjoy me during this sea trout holiday. I did not know what to expect, but I thought that booking at the Lodge would be definitely much better for me than to be alone in another accommodation. And I did the right choose: Omar and the staff have been very friendly with me. During the second evening, another single guest from Italy arrived. We immediately had a good conversation and for the rest of the week we fished together and enjoyed the same table at dinner. Today we are still friends and we even spent a trip to Patagonia together!”.
Mr Enzo Ferrara – Italy

8 – Be sure about what you get:

At our Lodge we take care of you. We have an international background so we know well that details, such as a clean room, and efficient service, and a smile…are very important details. We are not a “4 stars hotel”, but we try to do our best so that you do not get any unpleasant surprises during your stay.
We take care of the details, because we believe that details, at the end, are what always make the difference!

9 – Our beautiful surroundings:

We chosed to create the Lodge in a special location: Helnaes.
Helnaes is a picturesque farming, fishing & country community in the south part of Fyn, Denmark. The waters near our lodge offer some of the best sea trout fishing of all Denmark. The surroundings of our Lodge are the perfect combination of the most beautiful country landscapes of Fyn and sea trout fishing. Only the road through the sea to reach the lodge is a beauty for the eyes.

10 – Great sea trout fishing spots around:

Last but not least: we are located in one of the best sea trout fishing areas of Fyn, with a large variety of spots few minutes by car fro the Lodge. The most near spot to our Lodge is at only 200mt, 5 minutes by walking.

10 reasons to chose denmark fishing lodge - customers and guest feedbacks